Wood tops.

Discover the timeless allure of natural beauty with our exquisite wood bartop closures. Elevate your product’s appeal with a dash of unparalleled elegance and luxury that only wood can provide. Unleash your creativity with customizable options, allowing you to select from an endless array of shapes to craft your perfect closure. At JGR CAPS, we take pride in owning every step of the closure production process – from shaping to painting the Wood, sourcing and preparing the Cork and assembly. Let’s collaborate on designing a closure that reflects your unique vision. Embrace Sustainability choosing an entirely eco-friendly solution. Join us in our commitment with our community and a greener future. Reach out today to embark on this journey of sophistication and environmental consciousness.


Micro | Natural


Smooth | Knurls | Curve


Natural | Black | Brown | Orange | Blue | Other colors available - PANTONE


Silk-Screen Printing | Laser | Hot Foil | Deboss | Emboss

Custom made.

Infuse your product with a touch of elegance. Explore limitless possibilities as you select from a diverse range of shapes and customization options to craft your unique closure in collaboration with us. Dive into a world of boundless color combinations, varied cork types, sizes, finishes, and the added flair of personalized logo printing/branding. Your vision, perfected with our expertise.

Available Sizes.

Wood Top Cork Size Cork Type Bottle Neck QTY per box
34 x 14 27 x 23 Natural 21,5 mm 2.000
34 x 14 27 x 22,5 Micro 21,5 mm 2.000
34 x 14 27 x 22,5 Synthetic 21,5 mm 2.000
30 x 12 27 x 20 Natural 18,5 mm 3.000
30 x 12 27 x 19,5 Micro 18,5 mm 3.000
30 x 12 27 x 19,5 Synthetic 18,5 mm 3.000

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